Connections to the Land


Our company moves around the region. We have always said we don’t want our shows to spend their lives in a single theatre, but rather to spread out their performances in time and space. This has always been our main connection with our surroundings: believing that theatre must reach everywhere.

In recent years, we have also reaffirmed our faith in the culture of our territory, creating and developing the project in La Casa del Teatre Nu, a space which allows us to establish connections with the people and entities around us. La Casa, in addition, receives shows and schools from all over the country, so that the connections interlink, spreading far and wide.

Apart from the activities of La Casa, the Teatre Nu directs the Festival of Legends of Catalonia (Festival de Llegendes de Catalunya), when every first weekend in July Sant Martí de Tous becomes the capital of the oral tradition tales of the Catalan Countries. This is a proposal that is firmly committed to creation, programming, reflection, community and the region. You can visit the website by clicking here.