The Casa of Teatre Nu

School visits

Theater closely!

An opportunity to discover what is hidden behind a show.

Come and see a play like you’ve never seen it: next to the actors and closely the stage. An opportunity to discover what is hidden behind a show and to know firsthand what are all the tasks that are needed to pull-forward.

What activities can we do?

The activities that we propose begin with the visualization of the show of the Teatre Nu company. It will be held at the theatre of the new company’s premises, “La Casa del Teatre Nu”.

Once finished, we will divide the group into three smaller ones. The first one will stay at the theatre to talk with the actors, see the scenography, get to know the puppets of the show closely and to know all its secrets. The second group will go to the workshop we where creat our scenographies, we will show them diferent puppets, we will teach them differents ways to manipulate and they can manipulate their own. And the third group will go to the classroom of expression to move the body and loosen up with activities of corporal expression. Therefore, the groups will rotate, so that all the groups will pass for all the classrooms and will do all the activities.

However, if you have any particular interest in working with children, we can adapt the activities according to your needs. Instead of these activities that we propose after seeing the play, we can do some diferents workshops like construction of masks and learn how to manipulate them, construction of pùppets…among others.  You just have to explain to us your idea and we will do our best to make it and adapt it!


Do you want to visit us with your school? Write us or call us!

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