The Casa of Teatre Nu

School Visits

Close-up Theatre (Teatre de Prop)

An opportunity to discover what’s hidden behind the scenes.

Come see a theatre performance as you’ve never seen before: next to the actors and touching the stage. A chance to discover what’s hidden behind the scenes of a performance and get to know first hand all the roles needed to put on a show.

What activities do we do?

The activities we propose start with viewing the performance of the Teatre Nu company. This takes place at La Casa del Teatre Nu.

Once the performance is finished, we split the group into three smaller groups. The first group will stay in the theatre to talk to the actors, see the set, meet the puppets up-close and discover all the behind-the-scenes. The second group will go to the workshop where we create the set and we will show them different puppets and how to work them, and where they will be able to work them themselves. The third group will go to the expression room to move their bodies and let themselves go with the body expression activities. Then the groups will rotate until all the groups have been to all the rooms and done all the activities.

However, if there is something specific you would like to work on with the children, we can adapt the activities to meet your needs. Instead of these proposed activities for after watching the performance, we can also offer mask making or puppet making workshops, among other things. Simply explain your idea to us and we will do everything possible to adapt and carry it out.

Do you want to visit us with your school? Write to us or call us!


Do you want to visit us with your school? Write us or call us!

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