La Casa del Teatre Nu is the working headquarters of the Teatre Nu company, as well as being an open space for artists to develop their creations. Since 2015, La Casa has been hosting different creative projects, an extensive public educational programme, cultural programmes and creator residences.

In 2021, La Casa is expanding the residence project, incorporating more creative spaces as well as three apartments where artists of all disciplines can stay. The resident artists can make use of any of the diverse spaces and services available to them, which we outline below:

  • LA CASA · Cultural and artistic creation space with a technically equipped welcoming theatre, workshop and rehearsal and meeting rooms.
  • APARTMENTS · Private accommodation with shared living, meeting and rehearsal areas.
  • SERVICES · Production, direction and script writing advice, photographic reports, video creation and communication support.
  • ACTIVITIES · Organising activities; workshops, presentations, talks, demonstrations and performance previews.


The Residence accommodation is located 150 metres from La Casa, in a building with three separate apartments, meeting and rehearsal spaces, shared terrace and storage. Specifically aimed at performing arts companies, but open to all artistic disciplines.

The first flat can house up to three people, while the other two can host up to five people each. Each flat can be locked for greater privacy, and they all have their own bathroom, exterior rooftop, kitchen, bedrooms and dining room. The building has shared meeting and rehearsal areas, creation rooms and the La Casa theatre. There is also a rooftop terrace to chill out and relax together with the other residents.

As well as the rooftop and terraces, the Residence is located in the town centre, close to squares, streets and shops. In the back you can fully enjoy nature, with fantastic views of fields and mountains, and access to a municipal park with a green area and a network of paths and trails to explore the nature of the area.

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