The Tortoise & The Hare

“Get ready to relive the most famous race in history”

Street shows

In La llebre i la tortuga we take a look at a popular story to bring it to life in the streets of towns and cities, to put the reality of mythical characters in front of people’s eyes and turn the audience and their daily space into the protagonists. The show aims to tell the well-known Aesop’s fable and share it with people walking down the street. The hare and tortoise are half mechanical, half real. Each character rides a vehicle that is a kind of alter ego, a mechanical puppet on which the characters move.


Demetri Aesop Martínez, justice of the peace and mediating arbitrator, has arrived in your town or city to retell the fable told by his distant ancestor. He wants the tortoise and the hare to race again, to discover once and for all what really happened and reconcile the two characters. He will need the help and collaboration of the audience, an active part of the story and indispensable member, to resolve the conflict.


Direction and dramaturgy: Víctor Borràs

Actors: Montse Pelfort/Mònica Torra, Nerea Mendia y Francesc Mas/Joan Valentí

Scenography and wardrobe: Plancton Escena – Joan Pena

Music: HoPeta Street Band

Lighting: Paula Crespo

Production: Maria Hervàs

Production assistant: Mireia Arenós

Administration: Montse Valentí

Communication and press: Bàrbara Balcells i Marta Nin Loscos


This show is available in Catalan, Spanish, English and French




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