The Suitcase

“At the end of the day, who doesn’t have the right to grab their suitcase and look for a better life?”

Street shows

La maleta by Núria Parera is a great little book that takes us on a journey with its protagonists. A reflection on the passing of time, generational changes and the migratory event that gives us an intimate insight into the lives of the characters. The simplicity of the story and the power of the message is what led us to turn this book into a show to be performed on the street, in the square or any corner that can surprise and captivate audiences. Together with Joan Valentí and the book’s author, we have woven a play that puts the audience at the centre of the story, so that they become a witness and a protagonist.


A postman arrives in the town square and shows us his suitcase. A beautiful object that has passed from hand to hand becoming the silent witness of different lives of the twentieth century. The textile colonies, the workers’ revolution, the civil war, exile, love and not war, the fall of the Franco regime … and migrations – voluntary or not – that never stop. A show that leads us to reflect on the cyclical trend of history, which tends to repeat itself, as if we never learned enough.


Author: Núria Parera

Text adaptation: Víctor Borràs i Joan Valentí

Director: Víctor Borràs

Actor: Joan Valentí

Set Design: Teresa del Junco

Company technique: Paula Crespo

Executive Production and Distribution: Maria Hervàs 

Production Assistance: Mireia Arenós

Administration: Montse Valentí 

Communication and Press: Bàrbara Balcells i Marta Nin Loscos 

A production of Teatre Nu



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