Teatre Arrossegat of Catalonia

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The Teatre Arrossegat of Catalonia is a company that moves its stage around the world, performing the most well-known and beloved stories of the universal repertoire in squares and streets. The stage of the Teatre Arrossegat unfolds before the eyes of the public to become a public theatre, which is inspired by the art and craft of travelling comedians. An acclaimed fun-filled show, performed in collaboration with the audience. Ask us about our extensive repertoire.


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, we present to you the Teatre Arrossegat of Catalonia, our pop-up theatre, our multifunctional theatre, our universal theatre. After years of hard work and effort, we have a wide range of comedies, dramas and tragedies to be performed on this stage that we carry around the world.

Author and director: Víctor Borràs
Performers: Élia Corral, Maria Berenguer i Víctor Borràs
Scenography: Plancton Escena – Joan Pena
Costume: Nídia Tusal
Musical repertoire Director: Joan Eudald Castelltort

Technique:  Paula Crespo
Producer: Maria Hervàs
Production assistant: Mireia Arenós
Administration: Montse Valentí

Communication and press: Bàrbara Balcells i Marta Nin Loscos

Show in Catalan.