What a classics

“I am asking you the utmost attention, because I will not stay in the street”.

Age +12

What a classics is a workshop for students and adults that turns the stage into a classroom or classroom into a stage. The idea is based on short versions of classics written by Carme Puche in ‘Quins Clàssics!’, offering a show that contrasts two ways of getting literature to readers nowadays. A show that unites theatre and literature, in order to approach some of the classic in a fun way.

Synopsis: The Department of Education initiates a pilot test that consists of teaching the classics of literature intensively. They have chosen a teacher and four classics: The Iliad, Hamlet, Frankenstein and The Metamorphosis. Everything seems to be going smoothly when suddenly an unexpected visitor arrives.

Original idea: Sergi Vallès
Based on ‘Quins Clàssics!’ by Carme Puche
Director: Ester Nadal
Performers: Boris Cartes and Sergi Vallès
Sound designer: Lluís Cartes
Costume design: Nídia Tusal
Lighting: Víctor Borràs
Production: Maria Hervás 
Production assistant: Montse Valentí
Communication: Gerard Palomas

Show in Catalan.