Patufet (and his parents)

All audiences

This adaptation of the popular Catalan story, one of the favorites for the little ones at home, makes a nod to the today’s world. In our version we introduce novice and overprotective parents with their child. It is a text written in verse, with hints of humor and tenderness. Inspired by the Catalan tradition that has created this character but with an updated, modern and global look. Patufet (and his parents) has the music and original compositions of Pep López. A show that connects with humor the traditional history with the obsessions of today.

“Once upon a time there was a lovely couple who liked singing, he sang, she sang…” One day, this couple decided to enter the world of maternity and paternity, and they did it with joy and enthusiasm. Immediately, however, an unexpected fact filled them with suffering: the child would be born very, very small.

Author and director: Víctor Borràs
Actor and actresses: Francesc Mas, Montse Pelfort and Elisabet Vallès
Lightning: Paula Crespo
Scenography: Plancton Escena – Joan Pena
Costume: Maria Hervàs and Joan Pena
Music: Pep López
Singing director: Joan Eudald Castelltort
Choreography: Montse Colomé and Jordi Vidal
Production: Maria Hervàs
Production assistant: Montse Valentí
Communication: Gerard Palomas

Show in Catalan.