Mrs. Brownie

“She’s a woman, She’s a Hero, She’s the One!”

Age Young & Adults

Mrs. Brownie is a musical performance, a tribute to black American music, the actress and singer Laura Guiteras does the voice and the performance all at once, with the humour and virtuosity of pianist and actor Abel Boquera. A night full of laughs, tenderness and fun that has come a long way and that young people of all ages have enjoyed watching. Enthusiastically performed with the music of the diva of funk, soul, jazz, blues … and chocolate .

Synopsis: Mrs. Brownie tells us the story the story of a black American diva as she approaches the end of her life. Accompanied by her only friend, a practising pianist, and young caretaker, Mrs. Brownie will live her last days between the memory and the nostalgia that entrust the songs that led to her most outspoken success. Halfway between life and death, constantly moving from dreaming to reality, Mrs. Brownie looks with tenderness and humour the humanity of someone who, after being considered a myth, has to face her end like any other person.

Original idea: Laura Guiteras
Direction and Dramaturgy: Víctor Borràs
Actress and singer: Laura Guiteras
Actor and pianist: Abel Boquera
Puppets: Martí Doy
Original music: Laura Guiteras and Abel Boquera
Illumination: Paula Crespo
Production: Maria Hervàs
Production assistant: Montse Valentí
Communication: Gerard Palomas

This show is available in Catalan, Spanish and English. 



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