Aitor the dinosaur

“… they have so much fun that time flies …”

Age +2
All audiences

Aitor the dinosaur is a puppet show for children.  A simple, emotional, clear and poetic story. It´s a show that focuses on a friendship, in a universe of complicity and trust between a girl and her favourite dinosaur. This show puts the real and the fantasy world of children on the same stage,  telling a story where the most important thing is feeling the helping hand of a close friend.

Synopsis: Martina is a redheaded, brave little girl. Aitor is a blue and white dinosaur with white spikes. They are inseparable friends. They share their dreams, games and adventures. What would Martina do without Aitor? And Aitor without Martina? We hope they will never be separated. But … and if they had to do it one day? Enjoy the games and adventures of Martina and her great friend: Aitor the dinosaur.

Author and director: Víctor Borràs
Performers: Francesc Mas/Aitor M. Vinagret y Maria Hervàs/Montse Pelfort/Nerea Mendia
Music: Oriol Canals and Dani Ferrer
Scenography and puppetery: Plancton Escena – Joan Pena
Lighting: Víctor Borràs
Producer: Maria Hervàs
Production assistant: Montse Valentí
Communication: Gerard Palomas

This show is available in Catalan, Spanish and Basque.



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