Madame of Tous

”If I had known that the bread with nuts was so good, it would still be Madame of Tous.”

Age +6
All audiences

Theatre adaptation of the most popular legend from our town. This show was used to inaugurate The House of Teatre Nu and, with few exceptions, it always takes place in our work space, cause it takes advantage of the architecture as a stage scene. A show that brings theatre closer to our town and the people that live in it.

Synopsis: This local legend tells the story of Beatriu of Vilanova, madame of the Castle of Tous, who lived since childhood surrounded by luxury and attentions. Their wealth, however, did not last forever.

Director and dramaturgy: Víctor Borràs
Actor: Francesc Mas
Sets and masks: Teatre Nu and Color de Llop
Lighting: Víctor Borràs
Producers: Maria Hervàs 
Production assistant: Montse Valentí
Communication: Gerard Palomas

Show in Catalan.