Lightness and other songs

”And he also told me: you should sing more.”

Young & Adults

Can a show be made from a philosopher’s writings? Can ideas create action, music and images? Lipovetsky’s work is full of examples, analysis of situations that have become paradigmatic of our existence and that can surely be translated into situations, words and acts that are theatrical. To do this, we count on the talent of Ivan Benet, who goes a step beyond this in his career facing a project’s direction, and Aida Osset, an actress and singer who will contribute to his personality and talent to create a show halfway between a monologue, a musical and a cabaret.

Synopsis: A nurse had to leave her job: locked in her house, she looks in a mirror and does not recognise herself. Little by little, we discover that in her life – as in ours – an idea constantly floats about regarding  ​​lighhtness, the release of connections, transitions, clouds, potentiality … The mistakes and decisions from the past turn into deep thinking that only music can pacify. What happened on D day at T time?

Playwrights: Ivan Benet and Victor Borràs
Director: Ivan Benet
Performer: Aida Oset
Original music: Aida Oset
Set design: Clàudia Vilà
Lighting design: Ganecha Gil Gracia
Costumes: Maria Armengol
Sound design: Guillem Llotje
Executive production: Maria Hervàs
Production: La Casa del Teatre Nu
Communication: Gerard Palomas