“…and I always put a basket on my head because it’s the best way to gather all my ideas”.

Age +4
All audiences

Kàtia tells us about wanting to know, about the need to find our origins, the desire to remember and understand where we come from. It’s the story of mother and daughter, who embark on a journey to try to answer the questions posed by the little girl. This show deals with adoption, the questions it arouses, the worries it provokes, and it does so through a story full of fun and adventure in search of a very everyday object: a photo.


Kàtia packs her suitcase and embarks on a journey, the adventure of a lifetime that she will live with her mother. Will she find what she is looking for? Kàtia is a visual theatre production that talks about the need to reconnect with our roots.

Original idea: Ka Teatre
Director and dramaturgy: Víctor Borràs
Performers: Montse Pelfort and Maria Berenguer
Music: Montse Pelfort and Lluís Cartes
Costumes: Nídia Tusal
Lighting: Paula Crespo
Producer: Maria Hervàs 
Production assistant: Mireia Arenós
Adminstration: Montse Valentí 

Communication and press: Bàrbara Balcells i Marta Nin Loscos 

This show is available in Catalan and Spanish