“It’s not sure of itself, but it would be worth it to be it.”

Age +5
All audiences

Brush is a story by Pere Calders that tells us about the necessity of play, imagination and belief in fantasy. The magical realism of the Catalan author, Pere Calders, is expressed in this story for children that was included in “Chronicles of Hidden Truth” and that we have adapted to the theatre, which premiered in 2012 at the Grec Festival in Barcelona. Our creation transmits the game of the author, and puts it on stage, to offer complicity and truth in children which is contrasted with the coldness and logic in adults.

Synopsis: How did the Sala child feel when his parents gave his beloved dog Turk to the gardener’s daughter? What did he have to do to fill the gap that left his absence? Tell us the story two actors who find in the abandoned objects in the attic the best companions to enter into a world of fantasy that, only the smallest, understand completely.

Author: Pere Calders
Director and playwright: Víctor Borràs
Performers: Francesc Mas and Maria Hervàs
Set and props: Carme Solè Vendrell
Props: Rene Baker
Music: Oriol Canals and Dani Ferrer
Lighting: Paula Crespo
Producer: Maria Hervàs 
Production assistant: Montse Valentí
Communication: Gerard Palomas

This show is available in Catalan, Spanish and French