Alice’s dreams

“I’m a little girl, I’m not a snake!”

Age street
Street shows

Alice’s Dreams was the first street performance created by the company. Alice’s character walks through towns and cities in Wonderland. This is a travelling show that seeks to amaze the audience and turn them into another part of the magical world of the star. Our giant puppet has been seen hundreds of people in Catalonia, Spain and Europe and continues to accumulate miles full of dreams and fantasy.

Synopsis: Alice dreams, she dreams of becoming big and becoming a giant who walks through the streets of towns and cities. As long as the rabbit doesn’t stop moving, Alice discovers a world full of fantasy by which curious characters guide her: the manipulators of dreams.

Direction and Dramaturgy: Víctor Borràs
Performers: Clara Galí, Montse Pelfort and Montse Rodríguez
Design and construction scenography and puppets: Teresa Riba, Raül Martínez and Teatre Nu
Clothes making: Teresa Solà
Original music: Oriol Canals and Ricky Falkner
Production: Maria Hervàs 
Production assistant: Montse Valentí
Communication: Gerard Palomas

This show is available in Catalan, Spanish, English and French



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