A very familiar theatre company


At Teatre Nu our performances are catered to all populations: families, children, and for boys and girls. We like to call our performances theatre. Simply, theatre. It is a theatre that is catered to young spectators who want to discover the world in which they will have to live in and that they so often see with eyes which we lost long ago. To make a theatre for kids is to discover their dreams, interpret their concerns, and rediscover their emotions.

To go through this journey, Teatra Nu looks to surround itself with different professionals in every new project. These professionals enrich our methods of creation and reaching our public. Since 2000, we have created a dozen of plays. During this time, we have experienced a journey full of satisfactions in which we have discovered multiple ways to reach the young spectators of all ages, through different theatre languages. For us, each play is a new discovery and new learning experience that allows us to grow as artists and professionals. Each one of these plays is a journey that we share with our spectators, which enriches us every moment.

Theatre team